What you must know before choosing a good travel agent

A decently-priced travel package from a travel agent disappoints you. While it’s about managing your expectations, it’s also the onus of the travel agent to provide you a memorable experience. Your perception of good and poor travel agents is via word-of-mouth recommendation.

Maybe, you need to find out how to select a suitable agent that compliments you.

Most likely, your decision is based on the tone, vibe and response rate of the travel agent since itinerary can be similar. In the beginning, the counter staff sounds friendly. Whatever queries you have, he will address it readily. Here is what you do. Look at his body language. Does he sound genuine when answering? Does he exude warmth and sincerity or just gunning for your sale?

A person who tries to make small talks can break the ice. A person who just answers your question may be just doing the bare minimum of things. A person who does a mixture of both, plus going the extra effort may cast a stronger first impression. For example, when you suggest December as your choice of period to travel, apart from checking the flight availability, the travel agent is able to inform about the weather conditions. (December and weather comes hand-in-hand)

Follow on, the travel agent asks more casual questions to take a REAL interest in your type of travel -“it’s winter in December, do you like experiencing snow or are you active in winter sports such as skiing?”

Should this happens, you will have an idea about how this travel agent conducts their business in an open, free, caring mode of communication exchange.

polar bears hugging

If you are a repeat customer, the agent should have some knowledge about where you go and what you said. Therefore, a conversation can start from here – “I remember you last went to Switzerland. What did you like about it?” A level higher up – “I remember you last went to Interlaken in Switzerland. And you said that you love the snow…..,so are you taking any winter holidays again?”

See the difference?

If you email the agency and this email response takes ages to reply, maybe you can strike this agent off. If there is a quick reply – did the travel agent take his time, put himself in your shoes and give a comprehensive answer or just top-of-the-line commentary?

You ask “looking at the itinerary of 12345, I will like to know an estimated duration that we are able to view this special attraction.”

Travel Agent A response “Due to time schedule, we do not encourage a prolonged stay.”

Now, let’s look at Travel Agent B response “We will love to encourage our valued customers to stay longer at this special attraction. It’s a beautiful sight. Due to time schedule and traffic conditions, we can’t. I know it’s a pity. I will feel the same if I am you. But we ensure you get the best experiences from other recommended sites by our professional Tour Manager.”

How does that feel to you?

Travel Agent B empathizes and assures you the quality. Sometimes, personal sharing and experiences from the travel agent adds value. Not too excessive otherwise it sounds like a sales talk.

This is why a Freelance Travel Consultant like me fills in the gaps. I provide independent advices based on my personal travel journey, collecting details that may support you travel plans. Thus, you know which questions to ask the travel agents for a better screening process.

If you prefer leaving the nuts and bolts with a travel agent, I recommend Insight Vacations, the professional and premium land tour company.

Drop me an email (ktservices@mail2world.com) anytime for further details. I am delighted to host a tea session with you.


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