This is Erice. A medieval town with cobblestone streets and little shops that you can’t resist

Erice is located is a historic town, located in Trapani, Sicily, Italy. Its foundation was associated with the eponymous Greek hero Eryx.  Thus, the ancient Greek name of Erice was Eryx.  Erice was not a Greek colony but was largely Hellenized.

Let’s take a stroll into Erice.

I am at the Entrance.  There is a name and it’s called “Porta Trapani”, rebuilt in the Middle Ages. My journey starts here.


I notice a Handicraft Shop


with a hidden treasure trove.


Soon, I turn into a corner. There is an awesome souvenir store.


The winding pavement surprises me. For there are unknown stores waiting.  The paving, with its pattern of squares and “chains”, lends atmosphere to the street and enhances its sense of perspective.


The mystery awaits me.


Descending down…


What will be inside the shop?


I end up staring at the sweet treats.  Very tempting, don’t you think?

There are Sicilian bakeries and sweet pastries.


But I prefer to sit by the café to have a hot English Breakfast tea.


Finally when hunger strikes, I decide to try the popular fish couscous. It’s highly recommended. Fish Couscous is a “must-have” meal for first-timers like myself.  What you need to do is to put the sliced pieces of fish into the sauce and that’s it. Bon Appetite!

Fish Cous Cous @ Erica

I am revitalised. So, I continue my walk up to the summit. To the medieval towers where I can truly appreciate the picturesque scenery from afar.


The view is simply astonishing. The top of the mountain commands a view over the vast plain, ringed round by the Cofano which overlooks the Tyrrhenian sea and, further off, by Mounts Monaco and Sparagio.


My next focus is the “Torretta“, built by Count Agostino Pepoli between 1872 and 1880. It has mediaeval architecture, as well as features of local building traditions.  I heard the “Torretta” has become one of the symbols of Erice.


A closer look of the “Torretta“.


The Norman Castle stands on the same cliff, famous in antiquity as having been the seat of the sanctuary-fortress of the Erucina Goddess, as I learn about the legend that unfolds.


I take a deep breath.  What I see right in front of me is truly amazing.


Erice has certainly preserved their old mediaeval appearance. You can find several historic cathedrals. The buildings which line the paved streets show traces of 15th to 17th century architecture.  I do feel a certain character in the quiet town and the odd feeling of searching for something valuable in the quirky shops.


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