A place that brings back my childhood days

Childhood memories are beautiful. In the old days, I remember the story of “Beauty & the Beast”.  I am mesmerized by the love story. How can I forget the mystical “Aladdin”, the pure “Snow White” and the lovable “Donald Duck”. Bedtime stories, movies, cartoons…..

I am reborn as a kid on Christmas day. Disneyland Paris is one of the few theme parks of the world that gives a special feeling to me.


Once I am in the park, the animated, well-loved characters are frolicking around.


My favorite all-time Mickey and Minnie!


Isn’t Winnie cute?


Hey Alice!  Are you behind the little door?


A peek into the streets


And back to old, wild wild west


I find a sense of mystery inside the spooky house


Getting myself soaked into adrenalin-pumping Hollywood action!


Ending the day with a walk around the enchanted castle


Disneyland Paris is an experience that’s unforgettable.  I can be immersed into different themes, from the fairy tales to the heart-wrenching rides . Young and old, kid to adult like myself is teleported to my boyhood days. I grow up with Goofy and the bunch of cutesy loonies. (forget the iPhone!)

Oh, did someone just mention about the special guest?  Well, I can’t forget my buddy:


Disneyland Paris is easily accessible. By central subway in Paris (the train stops at La Vallee station) or one is able to take a bus directly from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

I just love my magical, kiddo days.  Happy Christmas to all!


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