What you can see in Alesund in 1.5 days

Here is a little quiz.

Where can you find a town in Norway that has artistic characteristics?  Not sure?  How about having a look at my photo that I have taken from far:


Ok, you get me. The title of the article has given the clue away. It’s Alesund, a sea port small town known for Art Nouveau architecture.

Map of Alesund

map of alesund

Source: http://www.visitalesund.com/

The best way mode of transportation is via Hurtigruten, a passenger vessel. Hop on board to enjoy the scenic view while sipping a hot cup of coffee. If you are in a rush of time, try booking from the beautiful city of Bergen to Alesund. The departure starts at 2230 hours from Bergen and will reach Alesund at 1200 hours noon time, 13 hours voyage. So, you get to sleep at least 8 hours in the cabin. Have a hearty morning breakfast and chill out at the deck with a drink.

I think the fare is pretty reasonable for two especially it’s a ship with a long history. Even better if you travel during the low peak season. Get more details of Hurtigruten here


Typically, the weather is cool. Remember to put on your jacket (5 to 10 degrees) as you may get chilled from the strong wind. Layer-on if your body temperature needs adjustment.

Preparation details ready, it’s time to find out why I think Alesund is worth a second look.

418 steps

Steps to heaven, some may say. I think it’s a pathway to explore. The thought of finding out…so I take the time to climb the steps slowly. It’s good exercise. Furthermore you get to the top of the view point and yes, it’s simply worth it!

Panoramic view of the coast and fjords


Alesund at the top view


The evening sun sets in……


Being a little adventurous, I explore the peak and snap a photo of the wind vane


There is a cafe.


The sights are breathtaking. I can just sit around for a few hours, keep my mind at ease and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

Walk around Alesund

There are charming shops, cafes and bars. Jump in to any of them and take a moment of “me time” without the hustle and bustle of a corporate life. Buy a hotdog and a cuppa, sit by the bench and enjoy the sea breeze. Life needs to be slow moving at times.

At least, I get to see the bird peaking at me, a picture good for a postcard.



Catch the sunset at Alesund

My recommendation is the cafe at the Radisson Blu Hotel. It’s a stone’s throw from the port of call for Hurtigruten. Grab a seat, get a drink and soak in the evening beauty. If you feel jaded for the night, per room starts from NOK$171 ($156 after discount) – find details here

From the start:


To the full effect:


Can’t just miss it, wouldn’t you? I am happy to include Alesund in my itinerary.


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