Samobor in Zagreb

Samobor is a small, little city in Zagreb, just one hour bus ride from the central bus station. There are buses that travel within one hour time frame. The fare is relatively cheap, a return ticket should knock you around $15.00 to $20.00.

More on Samobor can be found here.

After disembarking from Samobor bus station, one has to cross opposite and walk into the residential area, about 20 minutes to the main town. Ask the locals for direction.

And here we are……a quiet and relaxing place – perfect for folks who just like to be out of touristy areas.

This is how it looks.


Good for taking a hot cuppa, sit and wind down the hustle of city life.

The famous “kremsnita” can be found in any of the cafes in Samobor.
You will see a sign like this:


My “kremsnita” cake. It reminds me of the soft sponge cake in Singapore.


It’s not just about eating and people watching.
What makes Samobor appealing is the run down castle ruins just up the slope.

According to the official Samobor website:

“Samobor Castle was built between 1260. and 1264. by supporters of Czech king Otokar II, who expanded his territory all the way to Adriatic sea during that period. The king wanted to determine and strengthen the old border so he built a fortress above the town Samobor.”
How to get there:
Walk pass the museum which is your checkpoint:
(nothing much to see, hence I skip it)


Walk up the pathway to the park. There is only one way, so you won’t get lost. Follow the footpath and you will enter a forested trail.

Keep walking, make sure you watch your step. It gets muddy after raining. I will recommend a good pair of shoes. Though there are no designated steps, I will rate the path as easy. Depending on your comfort level, do use a walking pole if needed.


And you will reach the entrance of the castle. The gates are always open, free to enter.


Samobor Castle from the pathway


Go up to the top


Spectacular view!


What does this remind you?


The Castle Walls


Rising to the sky with overgrown trees and shrubs


It takes me about 3 hours to complete my tour of Samobor, checking out the castle, take a visit to the cathedral and to relax by the cafe to enjoy “kremsnita” and the breeze.

And if you feel like bunkering in for the night, a hotel just next to the Museum.


A good location to put in my Zagreb itinerary.

In short, I will put a 4 out of 5 starts for Samobor due to the castle ruins, this is the key reason why I am here.


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