Hello everyone!

I am a goody-two-shoes corporate guy who dons a suit and make deals for a living. Yes, I am a Deal-Maker.

Exciting it may sound.

After all, I bring in the dollars and cents to my company.

But that’s not what I envision my life to be. I can’t just work to bring in the bread only. That’s too mundane.

So, I pack my bags, fly around (and still flying) to see and explore different places, to taste what it’s like away from my homeland Singapore.

I thought to myself – how about sharing my stories to the rest?

You see – I love travelling, just like you.  You can be the budget guy, the luxurious lifestyle-seeker, the mid-end tourist or the adventurer at heart.  No matter who you are, you have an end goal in mind.  It’s about experiences.  I create my own memories and I am sure you are doing it right now.

Gowheretravel.com aims to be your preferred pocket guide across the endless globe of sights and sounds.

But the world is too big.

So, I decide to focus in Northern Europe.  I have been several times to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland.  The beautiful Scandinavian countries.  The stunning landscape, amazing culture, long-standing heritage, warmth of the people and the unforgettable Northern Lights.

I hope my travel journal inspires you. If you wish to head off to Scandia region, contact me and I’ll be happy to be in touch – especially my friends from Asia.