For my friends in Asia, Scandinavian may be a little unfamiliar to you. It’s in Northern Europe – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland. The language spoken, the culture, the weather and lifestyle differ from us. You can witness the spectacular Northern Lights, learn about the Vikings, stay in ice hotels, hike through the fjords or relax in the therapeutic Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

It’s not easy (hey, where and how do I start?) especially the websites are published in their local context. You can also be time-pressed to put together a custom made guide book. Maybe you prefer less words. Just images with straight to the point facts.

I am here to make sure that you get worry-free itinerary. Plus, my independent and unbiased two cents worth of advice across the spectacular:

  1. Norway
  2. Iceland
  3. Sweden
  4. Denmark
  5. Finland

For just S$49.00 nett,  I can put together a brief that you can use it anytime.
Deliverable:  PPT deck (of up to 15-20 slides)

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*To better understand your request – we will have up to a 30 minutes call or a 30-45 minutes face-to-face meet up at a central location in Singapore

A list of recommended items:

  • Recommended attractions
  • 10 things you must not miss
  • Transport routes, point-to-point destination
  • Tips for a memorable experience
  • The Do’s and the Don’t – no hard rules, just do what the locals do!
  • Pricing information
  • Many more!

Travel with ease,  I’ll do the work for you.

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